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The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” ~Exodus 33:14

I grew up loving princess stories. Now I have a daughter who loves princess stories, so it got me thinking. What do I love about these stories? Why do I still like them so much?*

My little princess.
My little princess.

First I looked at my daughter. What does she like about these stories? I’m pretty sure she likes the dresses. My little girl is all about pink, glitter, bows, and big skirts. However, pink and frilly aren’t really my kinda thing. So why do I still like a good princess story? Do I like the girl who can overcome adversity? No, sadly I realized I like the happily ever after love story.

Why is it sad to like the happily ever after love story? Because those stories always end at the beginning of the marriage. Which, as we all know, is not happily ever after. Don’t get me wrong! I love my husband! I think he is smart, hardworking, amazing, and really really cute. But after ten years of marriage, I feel like we finally starting to figure out what we are doing- what marriage really is. Something those princess stories never told us was that marriage requires work. Work to understand each other, and work to grow together as well as individually.

But I continued to ponder my love of the princess stories, and a word popped into my mind. Pursued. I think I love the idea of being pursued. That someone would think so highly of me, they would chase after me. A prince so in love with who I am,** that he would come after me- again and again if he had to, no mater the cost. And of course, I realized there is only one Prince who gave his all for me. Who died for me, who lovingly and kindly pursues me- no mater what I do or where I am. Of course, Jesus is so gentle in his pursuit, that maybe we sometimes miss it. But we have a God who has relentlessly pursued his people.

And the flip side is, that we are to pursue God. We are to chase after His Good Things and to love him, choose him. I suppose that a good princess, when finding her True Prince, would do almost anything to be with Him. If we are loved so completely and unconditionally, how should we react?

God bless you to be filled with His Love. To know that His unconditional love is surrounding you, and that no mater where you are or what you do- He will always love you, and always come after you. In Jesus Name, Amen


*I still like most princess stories, but I have some beef with The Little Mermaid. Watching the Disney version as an adult, I feel like she was very self centered, only thinking about what she wanted (yes her dad was a bit bossy… but he’s her dad, and he had his reasons). And if you read the older versions of the Little Mermaid, they are terribly sad. NOT my idea of a fairy tail.

**Let me stress the “in love with who I am,” and not in love with how I look.***

***But let me also add that pink, glitter, bows, and big skirts are great too.