Porkie and Pete are best friends. And children. Or at least childlike. This helps keep the stories simpler for young children.

Porkie tends to dive into a situation, Pete- not so much. Porkie asks questions loudly, while Pete sits quietly and reflects.

Pete was getting a bit wordy in our stories. A little too wordy. He started to sound like an adult. Which was when we realized that the characters we created were children. They understand things more simply and they speak simply.

The simplicity gives you, the parent/adult, the ability to add to the conversation of the stories. It gives your children the ability to process what Porkie and Pete are saying. To find their own words.

Together, Porkie and Pete will meet with some other friends and answer a few questions about faith. Questions like-

  • How do you pray?
  • How do we love others?
  • Who is Jesus?

And hopefully through it all, you will be able to laugh along with your children, and start talking about your own faith journey.