Welcome to the Porkie and Pete web site! Welcome! Welcome!

My name is Lindsay, and I am getting this web site up and running with our team.  … I’m writing a blog. If you know me, this is hilarious. I am a math major, who can’t spell to save her life.

And apparently I’m also an author. Or at least a co-author. With my mom.

Hear_my_prayerWe wrote a few children’s books. About a porcupine and a moose. Who are best friends. It’s hilarious, and crazy, and wonderful. So are the books. But the fact that we wrote these books is equally so.

We are using this blog to share information about the books. Somewhere on this site you should be able to find information about each book, about the characters, about the authors, the illustrator, and our ‘Man Behind the Curtain’ (if he sounds amazing, that’s because he is). In the weeks to come, you will find resources for parents, information on how to order a book, and plenty of extra information you may or may not want. And humor. Hopefully you will find humor on this site.

Thanks for visiting us, and enjoy!

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