Prayer People!

Prayer People!


IMG_20150502_185424848_HDRI sought the Lord, and he answered me;     
he delivered me from all my fears.
~Psalm 34:4

I have a big problem. I think it’s probably a common problem mothers have, but maybe I’m assuming? You’ll have to let me know.

My problem is I’m a human doing. I’m a doer. I do. I see a problem, and my brain starts churning up ideas on what I could do to fix the problem, help, encourage, etc, etc, etc… Then I start moving with all the ideas I have bouncing around in my head. And that’s all ok, but usually not that great. I can end up over worked, tired, mistaken in what I assumed was the right thing to do, and often frustrated.

Because sometimes people don’t want a solution, they just want to be listened to.

And sometimes my understanding of right is totally and completely off.

And because I’m not God (praise Jesus!), I cannot solve all the world’s problems (nor is God asking me to).

So for the hundredth time in just the past month, I had the feeling that I would be better off simply banging my head against a desk rather than trying to solve all the problems around me. And these beautiful words popped out of my mouth:

Maybe when these situations arise I should stop asking ‘what can I do?’ and start with ‘how can I pray?’.

I was so startled by that comment. I took a moment to look around and wonder who had said that. Because surely that was not me speaking, but the Holy Spirit. It was the solution to all the problems I have been juggling for over a month. My problem boiled down to me taking things out of God’s hands and trying to micromanage them all on my own.

Just who in the world do I think I am?????????

My pattern to date has been: dive in full throttle and try and fix everything myself, exhaust all possible solutions as well as myself and anyone who comes within a 3 ft radius of myself, and when I’m at my wit’s end, pray and let God do what He could have just done from the start.

You know the definition of insanity- I’ve been living it!!!

So new pattern for life: start with prayer, wait and listen, then move forward. After a few steps, stop and pray again. Repeat. Seriously, this is so simple it’s ridiculous that it took me [I’m not telling you how many] years to figure this out!

Prayer people!

Always start with prayer!

The end.

Drop the mic.


Lord Jesus, you have solutions and answers waiting for us. You already have a plan, we don’t need to make one up, we just need to partner with you. And your work is not heavy or burdensome! Forgive us for when we have run ahead of You, or dragged our feet behind You because we haven’t been heeding your plan, but only thinking within our own limited understandings of how the world should be. Help us Lord, to lead with prayer. I know you are good and gentle and that your answers will always be kind and good. In every situation, let us look first to You and trust in You. In Jesus name, Amen!